Mainlander’s Tips on Surviving Hawaii’s locals and Big Surf

Mainlander’s Tips on Surviving Hawaii’s locals and Big Surf

I suppose they are really not secrets, but surviving the locals and big surf that the Hawaiian Islands has to offer can be quite a chore. First off I would say always use common sense when you are thinking about surfing a new surf break. If you are a beginning surfer, and you think you are going to fly to Hawaii and surf Pipe Line? Ah probably not.

Choose a spot that a new surfers are known to surf in Hawaii. This will keep you out of plenty of trouble. Don’t wise off to the locals even if you think you are right just walk away. You are not on the mainland so try to respect their home turf. Surf early in the morning and you will avoid plenty of conflict. I have found that I can be done surfing by 9 am when most respectable local surfers make it to the beach. Oh, and don’t litter, I know I should not have to say such things but so many people forget that the beach isn’t their trash dump!

Before you attempt to surf any surf break study it for a while. Save yourself some of hassle and learn the tides the type of wave you think you are going to surf. Learn the over all climate of the beach. Is it a beach that they don’t like beginning surfers? You get the drift! Think before you act and think before you open your mouth. I have found that most people can get along and surf in Hawaii if you just use a little common sense.

Try not to come to the beach acting like you are the hotest surfer in the world even if you are. If you are a hot surfer you wont have to tell anyone because they will just have to see you surf. So try to relax and get along with the other surfers. If you are unable to its time to get out of the water and find another break to surf at for the time being. So many times I have found a wave to myself and people will come to the beach and try to take over the spot that I am surfing at. Try to avoid this type of behavior and you will do just great!

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